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  •   Cash more checks and increase profits
  •   Stop check fraud from biting into your sales
  •   Keep a complete history of your check cashing customers
The payroll check cashing system comes complete with an
ID scanner, check reader, fingerprint scanner, camera,
computer hardware and program software.

"Since we've installed the payroll check cashing system we haven't taken a single
counterfeit or fraudulent check. This same time last year I had already lost $3,700."

- Steve Garewell, Owner, Big O Food
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  •  Largest Negative Database in the Country
  •  Network of Over 2,000 locations Coast to Coast
  •  Most Secure Way to Cash Checks
Your customer completes a one-time one-minute enrollment at any of
the system locations. The customer's driver's license information and
fingerprints are recorded in the system, along with a digital photo of
the customer.

When the customer returns to your store to cash a check, all they
need to do is put their finger on the scanner, and the fingerprint
scanner verifies your customer's identity. The customer's complete
check cashing history appears on the screen, and the system will make
a clear recommendation about whether you should accept or reject
the customer's check.
The enrollment process is quick and easy for both you and your customers.
In about one minute, the customer can be ready to cash checks
in your store or any store in your chain.
1.  Customer hands clerk a photo ID. The clerk scans
the front and back of the customer's ID, and the
information will be entered automatically in the
system. No data entry required.
2.  Take the customer's picture. Using the included
PC camera, the clerk takes a digital photo of the
customer to be added to the database. The
customer's picture will appear on the screen every
time they cash a check, so you can easily verify their
3.  Customer scans finger. The customer's
fingerprints are entered into the system. Using
fingerprints is much safer than using passwords or
PINs, because fingerprints cannot be lost, stolen
or duplicated.
That's it! The customer is now ready to securely cash checks in your store. If
you're using multi-store enrollment, the customer's information can be ready
to access in every store in your chain within minutes.
Cashing checks is a breeze for you and your customers. With this check cashing
system, you'll be cashing more checks than ever before, with more security. The
entire process takes as little as 15 seconds.
1.  Customer scans a finger and their record
The customer places either index finger
on the biometric finger scanner. Within seconds,
you'll see the customer's picture, drivers license,
and check cashing history on the screen.
2.  Run customer's check through the scanner.
The bank account and routing information will
automatically be entered into the system. (Don't
worry, Paycheck Secure can detect most kinds of
fake checks and alert you before any money
changes hands.)
3.  Enter check number and date. You can tell
Paycheck Secure to automatically reject checks
that fall outside the dollar amounts or date limits
you set. Paycheck Secure will automatically
calculate the check cashing fee for you.
You're done! The check cashing system looks at several factors,
including the customer's check cashing history and the maker
information, and makes a recommendation on whether you should
accept the check. Green means Accept, and Red means Reject.

"People simply like the fact they can cash a check without the hassle. We've never had a
complaint, and I can't begin to tell you how many times people have come up to me
thanked me for making cashing a check so easy."

~ Jimmy Wright, Owner, Wright's Foods
Electronic Deposit Service

Wasting time at the bank? Now you can
electronically deposit your checks, straight
from your store, with no trips to the bank.
Electronic deposits are safer and quicker
than regular deposits, and every check you
process is eligible.

  • Safe and Secure. No more trips to the bank, which means no more risk
    of deposits being lost or stolen en route.

  • Saves time. Tired of creating deposit slips and waiting in long bank
    lines? With electronic deposits you don't have to.

  • Deposits whenever you choose. Now you can make a deposit to your
    bank with the click of a button, whenever you want. No more waiting
    until the end of the day.

  • Quick processing. With electronic deposits, funds are credited to your
    existing bank account the next day.

  • Detailed reports. Stop wasting time manually compiling reports on your
    check deposits. With our electronic deposit service, you can view
    detailed deposit and transaction reports anytime on our secure website

  • All checks eligible. Every check you process is eligible for Check 21
    processing. That includes payroll checks, personal checks, government
    checks, money orders, and more.
Compliance Feature

Because of the USA Patriot Act of 2001,
check cashers must comply with new
federal regulations. While these
regulations help prevent terrorism, they
also add more of a burden on check
cashing businesses.

  • Automatically checks OFAC list. As part of the Patriot Act, money service
    businesses are now required to report transactions by the Office of Foreign
    Assets Control (OFC)'s list of Specially Designated Nationals (SDNs). Our
    Government Compliance Package makes it easy by automatically checking
    this list for you.

  • Currency Transactions Reports (CTRs). Electronically submit Currency
    Transactions Reports directly to the federal government.

  • Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs). Electronically submit reports on
    suspicious or criminal activities directly to the federal government.

  • We protect your data for 5 years. All electronic reports filed with the
    Government Compliance Package are archived in the Paycheck Secure
    system for auditing purposes for five years.

New information reporting requirements went into effect on January 1,

As a check casher in California you may be required to file an information
return with the Franchise Tax Board for: Checks totaling more than
$10,000 in one transaction and checks totaling more than $10,000 in two
or more transactions for the same person within the calendar year. You
must provide information about affected transactions as: name, address,
tax payer identification number and the amounts and dates.

State of California Franchise Tax Board

For more information on the legislation including who must file and what
to report, visit:

If you find you are subject to these new regulations, we can help you
comply to the extent it applies to you. You don't want to be fined or lose
your ability to cash checks for failure to file!!! Don't let this happen to you!
Order the Full Demo on DVD!
The system demo DVD contains more customer testimonials and more
demonstrations of the nation's premier check cashing software. Contact us
today to order your free copy of the DVD!

"This system has helped to significantly reduce, if not eliminate, fraud
in the stores where it has been installed. We've received zero
complaints from customers."

~ Cary Gray, Security Specialist, Marsh Supermarkets

"Honest customers love the system. It takes them under a minute to
cash a check and be on their way. The Biometric Check Cashing
system has helped us keep profits that would have otherwise walked
out the door with a bad transaction."

~ Tom Duthler, Owner, Duthler Family Food

"Our expectations have been met... and exceeded. In a short period,
the Biometric Check Cashing System has delivered on reducing
fraudulent check losses, and you can't ask for better than that."

~ James Wiles, Director of Loss Prevention, Bi-Lo Supermarkets

Our customers like the system because they're not hassled every time
they need to cash a check. They simply put their finger on the reader
and they get their money. We make it easy for them, so they continue
to come back — in many cases, with new customers."

~ Roguel Sanchez, President, El Pueblo Market
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